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Ri-Fin offers an extensive know-how to start up and manage insurance participations and specifically:

In particolare:

Global Assistance S.p.A., 100% owned by Ri-Fin, an Insurance and Reinsurance Company specialised in “bankassurance” products providing non-life solutions (home insurance, head of family liability insurance, family health insurance, travel insurance, legal covers, creditor protection, car insurance) as well as insurance coverage generally related to bank and financial products or payment cards.
The Company distributes its products through traditional networks such as Agents, Brokers and on-line assistance and operates in Reinsurance providing health care, travel insurance and legal covers as well.

Global Assicurazioni S.r.l, 100% held by Ri-Fin, a General Insurance Agency representing most of the major Insurance Companies operating in Life and Non-Life insurance fields, which is specialised in all standard insurance products for individuals and families through bancassurance processes as well as in pre- and post sales operating services.

Global Broker Spa, 70% held by Ri-Fin and 30% by Credit Agricole, an Insurance Brokering Company that cooperates with the main Insurance Companies, specialised in brokerage and management of insurance policies for Banks and Financial Institutes, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Affinity and Business Insurance Bank.